Trade In Credit

As a way to help reduce the cost of Legendary Painting commissions, you can now trade in some of your extra miniatures!

Simply send us a photo and list breakdown of all the items you wish to trade in and we will reply with a quote.

You can use trade in credit to pay for up to 50% of your commission.

Trade in Rates (% of MSRP)

New on Sprue (NOS), New in Box (NIB) 70%
Assembled Well (includes extra bits) 60%
Assembled Well (no extra bits) 50%
Assembled and Painted (basecoated, airbrushed, not thick) 40%
Assembled and Painted (thicker paint, not smooth and thin) 30%

Currently Seeking:

Warhammer 40k

  • Anything Space Marine (including all Chapters)
  • Primaris anything
  • Anything Necrons (excluding Warriors)
  • Celestine/Triumvirate
  • Newest edition Eldar (vehicles and jetbikes preferred)
  • Newest edition Tau (NIB or NOS only)

Age of Sigmar

  • Anything Slyvaneth + Wanderers (preferably unpainted)
  • Varanguard
  • Thanquol and BoneRipper
  • Archaon
  • Thaumaturge
  • Death, anything with bones, no zombies or flesh (unpainted only)