Special Offers

New Year, New Army – Get up to 50% off MSRP

The Rules

  1. Book a commission of any size from now (January 6th, 2018) until midnight EST, January 31st, 2018.
  2. Purchase products for your commission through Dark Bunny Creatives
  3. Discounts apply only to the following products:

Discount List

Games Workshop – 50%
Games Workshop Direct Order (Ex. Most Finecast) – 40%
Forgeworld – 20%
Wyrd Games – 50%
Infinity – 50%

Please note that these discounts are provided at our own expense and are available to commission clients only! We are not a retailer.

How to Get this Offer!

Follow these easy steps to get your quote!

Step 1: Contact us with your list of miniatures, colour scheme, details, due date and questions.
We will respond to you with answers and/or to provide an estimate.

Step 2: Confirm your miniature selection for the commission to move forward.
We will provide you with the final invoice.

Step 3: To book your project and secure this offer, send your deposit payment indicated on the invoice within 24hrs of sent invoice.
We will slot you in our calendar and you will be notified when we begin your project!

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