Sometimes it’s nice to put a small group of miniatures, or character on display. That is the case with this one! Leman Russ and his two wolves, Freki and Geri were in need of the extra special treatment!

Key Project Requirements

  1. Snow!

Planning the Scene

“What kind of story do we want to tell?” Since we were essentially dealing with three separate characters on a single display we wanted to make sure no single model got “lost” in the detail.

We tried to line the architecture up with Prospero (Thousand Sons home world) to make it seem like Russ came in to clean up a Thousand Sons colonized planet.

As a display piece, composition is key. Russ is more detailed and imposing, so positioning the simpler wolves in front helped them feel more significant while aiding to Russ’ commander role.

In order to create an interaction between Russ and the scene we chose to show one of the Thousand Sons desperately firing from behind cover. Only you can decide his fate!

Building the Squad Display Board

When building the scene we used a lot of the methods we use for larger display boards.

  • Wooden board from local craft shop
  • Insulation foam layered over top to build up main forms
  • Sockets for the miniatures to sit into and integrate more seamlessly
  • The debris was built from a mix of plasticard, foam and GW plastic terrain sets.
  • Finally we added fine grit, sand, and pebbles throughout to help blend all the various element together and hide any seems.
Leman Russ Squad Display Board Build up

Leman Russ Squad Display Board Buildup

And here’s the textured version with primer!

Leman Russ Squad Display Final Build Primed

Leman Russ Squad Display Final Build Primed

Painting the Display Board

When it comes to painting, we match the quality of the board to the miniatures commission painting level. This way the miniatures match the scene.

The miniatures and display board are painted to our Adept Painting Level

Because we wanted to depict a snowy environment, we wanted to dull the colours in the scene and cool them down. You won’t see many vibrant greens or oranges in rugged winter weather scenes!

The challenge was painting the ground with enough color to still show through after the snow was applied.

With Russ painted in a blue grey color scheme we chose to use the red of the Thousand Sons armor, along with cool patches of an almost pinkish red to guide the viewer through the scene.


What’s Missing? The Snow!

Remembering the key requirement, we had to actually add the snow itself!